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We will be closed July 4th


With a passionate and gentle spirit Jennifer Blanton teaches yoga with fresh and creative sequencing incorporating eclectic music into her class themes. Combining grace and power she inspires her students to be courageous both on and off the mat. Jennifer encourages all of her students to work to their own ability and teaches relaxation techniques to aid in everyday stress and anxiety. Students are always guided by the principle of loving kindness.


Jennifer Blanton

The role of an instructor is one of integrity and responsibility and its realm extends beyond that of the physical practice. 
In the words of the Dalai Lama “It is through compassion that we see we are like others.” 


Yoga Place Studio is located at 2508 North Main Street Anderson SC

Parking and entrance is in the back of the building. Studio is upstairs. 




(864) 404-1616 Yogaprayer@aol.com