Welcome to our shala, where everyone is guided by the principle of lovng kindness.

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Yoga is a safe space to be yourself and to show up just as your are without judgements, doubts, fears or expectations. Come experience peace, love and self acceptance. All classes are friendly for both the beginner & advanced students. Yoga is a changeable living practice that allows you to match the class to your desired energy needs and levels.

Here are some things that may be helpful for you to know. 

You do not need to register for class.

Simply come to the studio about 15 minutes before class is scheduled.

Doors will be locked when class time begins.

All classes are 60 minutes.

Please tell your instructor about any injuries you may have.


Refrain from eating heavily before class.


Please remove your shoes before entering the studio.


Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move well without revealing more sensitive areas as you twist and turn.


Be mindful of your hygiene for the comfort of others. Please refrain from the overuse of cologne or perfume.


You may want to bring water and small towel with you.


No Cell Phones in the studio. This is your personal time where you focus on yourself and should not be interrupted.


Rest whenever you want. Do the best you can. Smile and enjoy your practice.