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For three years I have enjoyed attending Jennifer's yoga class. She provides a professional, relaxing and challenging practice. Jennifer exudes confidence and knowledge and makes classes fun and beneficial to mental health. I have bragged and recommended her classes to my colleagues. They do not realize what a help it is in daily life. Thank you Jennifer for all you have given me.
Peter A. Cook, Jr, MD 
Yoga Place was introduced to me when my parents purchased a lake house & I wanted a place to practice while visiting. My sister (who lives in Anderson) knew what I was looking for & gifted me some classes, even though she had never been. She told me when she talked to Jennifer on the phone she sounded so kind. I'm incredibly grateful my sister did this! Jennifer is a blessing. She is kind & calm & leads beautiful classes. The couple of classes I was able to take with her stayed with me & I'm looking very forward to practicing with her again when we return to the lake.
Lora Dudek 
Best decision / New Year's Resolution ever! Jennifer does a great job making new people feel welcome and she is so easy to follow! Come join us...You'll love it too!
Kim Welborn 
Jennifer is a beautiful soul inside and out. She creates a safe, energy-filled, and comfortable atmosphere and practice space. She is atruned to each students' physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
Ruth Caroline Harbin
I have been referring my patients to Yoga Place for years. In my opinion there is no better gentle, restorative class than the one offered here on Friday morning. Jennifer is an amazing instructor, with a calm presence and voice. This class is the best way to reconnect and help your whole mind and body rest, restore and rejuvenate.
Kristen Steely Physician/Owner Anderson Wellness Center
I decided to try a weekly yoga class with Jennifer after hearing about how wonderful she is. I was hesitant at first because I'd never tried it before, and I have knee and back issue along with extreme vertigo. After the first class I felt so comfortable, less stressed and un self conscience (I'm 65) and I looked forward to each class with renewed energy and confidence. It doesn't matter your age or limitations, Jennifer can help. She has taught me how to relax, breathe and open my mind! You won't be disappointed! 
Stacy Waterbury Miller
The Yoga Place in Anderson is a terrific studio where people of all levels of experience can come together to practice. Yoga Place is a community of people from all walks of life who support each other and learn from each other in a warm and friendly environment. Jennifer provides modifictations in class to increase or decrease the intensity of the pose as needed. Jennifer has a truly caring spirit that you can feel when you walk in the door. I am so grateful for the Yoga Place.
Dr. Anne Cook, MD 
I have been attending yoga classes at Yoga Place for three years. It is such a welcoming studio with a relaxed atmosphere. Jennifer makes beginners feel at ease and more advanced students will find a variety of classes that constantly challenge you. No matter what class I attend I leave feeling peaceful and calm. 
Alli Hill (Physical Therapist)
Yoga class allows me to be at peace. It has allowed me to heal within. This class is teaching me to be gentle with my body. This class is like a breath of fresh air.
Haven of Rest Womens Ministry Student
I love Yoga Place! I don't get there as often as I want to, but even if I've been away I'm always loved on like I've been there everyday. It's where I found my tribe, my girls, my friends.
Lynette Rowland Registered Nurse
I am so thankful for the love Miss. Jennifer shares. I admire the passion and drive that she has. She has taught me to pursue my goals.
Haven of Rest Ministry - Yoga Student 
I discovered Yoga Place three and a half years ago...A hidden oasis of such. Set upstairs in a cozy, relaxing, zen setting. Away from the sounds, noises, bright lights, and harshness of the world. Here I have discovered, with the help of a great instructor my passion for yoga, doing something I never dreamed I could do. Through yoga, I have discovered a way of self-healing, self-confidence, and self-esteem I never knew existed in me........Tammi King-Mcbride
Jennifer Blanton is a wonderful teacher! - Lisa Richardson Thompson
I am happier, healthier, and more at peace in a very non-peaceful world because of the practice I have cultivated at Yoga Place. The environment and energy is warm, inviting and loving. You will find people with a wide array of abilities and limitations. This studio truly embodies what it means when we say "Yoga is for EveryBODY". Jennifer is passionate, caring, and knowledgable. Honestly...I could go on all day about why I love this studio. - Jessica Smith
I love Yoga Place studio for it's wonderful energy and being supportive of my needs and abilities. It is my sanctuary from a busy life. A place to unwind and let go.....Brandi LeAnn Manley 
Yoga class has been the best addition to my marathon training. 
Krystle Sullivan Bannister 
Wonderful yoga studio *THE* place to go in Anderson if you want the true studio feel.
Heather Anne Swanimathan
I would tell everyone out there that wants to give yoga a try that this is the place to come to. Those already practicing who may be looking for a new home studio this is also your place.
Tracy Wrabiutza Ceres
I'm so happy to have found Yoga Place. My first visit, I felt very comfortable. The enviorment is warm and friendly, and the instructor was wonderful!
Holly Gray
My first yoga experience was great! Thank you Jennifer Blanton.
Matt Bazzle
I have to say that I have been to a few yoga studios in the upstate and this is by far the best! Jennifer strikes a perfect balance between making you feel comfortable and also challenging you. Felllow students are always positive and encouraging as well.
Jennifer Dobbins
Walking into the Yoga Place studio is like walking into a big hug!
Chris Brown
When I am on my yoga mat, I can clear my mind of all the mess that swirls around in there. I can focus on the present, and connect with my body and deepen my breath. I feel stress melt off of my shoulders. I am able to heal my body. But, perhaps most profoundly, I also feel closer to God on my mat than I do in a church. Yoga is not a religion, and does not change your faith in your chosen religion. I encourage anyone who loves yoga to practice here. And I encourage anyone who wants to TRY yoga to try it here.  

Heather Swaminathan

Not only has Yoga helped me strengthen my core, become more flexible and practice balance but it has helped me center my life all together. I have become more patient with myself and others and seem to be a lot less stressed. It’s not a transformation that happens over night or just after attending one class but I feel so great when I leave Yoga Place after each class. Not only do I feel great I have met some really great people who I have continued to grow relationships with as well!
Lindsay Draus